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Local Governments In The State Looking Up To Tennessee Assembly For Dealing With Drug Related Matters

Local governments in the state of Tennessee are excited as a new bill has been introduced in the assembly of the state that would take care of archaic drug laws. State government would have more control in dealing with matters concerning synthetic drugs called bath salts. These are synthetic drugs openly being sold in convenience stores and so called smoke shops throughout the state of Tennessee. Authorities in cities of the state believe they will have more power in dealing with these matters because of the proposed changes in the laws giving them more teeth.

Bath salts, or synthetic drugs, as they are called, have the potential to mimic the effects of drugs like ecstasy and methamphetamine which are only a few of the many illicit drugs that are being sold and consumed by the populace. The existing law to deal with peddlers of synthetic drugs is based upon the ingredients used to prepare them, and unscrupulous elements have made a mockery of this law by making slight changes in chemical compounds used to manufacture synthetic drugs, thus being able to pass a urine drug test and to avoid arrest and penalties.

The proposed law will make it tough for such elements as it is based on the premise that if something looks and talks like a duck, it indeed is a duck. This legislation will ban substances individually and therefore make it difficult to avoid being caught by the authorities.

There has been much concern showed by local governments around the state about synthetic drugs and synthetic urine especially because of news of several deaths caused by the use of these drugs. But the local authorities, even after passing their own legislations, are awaiting response from the state legislative assembly. Perhaps, the new law would strengthen the hands of enforcement authorities in a big way and help them crackdown on the culprits.