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King Mo Tests Positive, says He is Innocent

Mike Kogan, manager of Strikeforce’s lightweight champion King Mo, sent a list of all supplements and medicines taken by the fighter to the office of the Attorney General of Nevada in a bid to find the cause of testing positive for the anabolic steroids. The lawyer hopes to be called to appear before Nevada State Athletic Commission for an explanation. Muhammad Lawal alias King Mo has maintained innocence ever since he did not pass a drug test for the steroid Drostanolone. In an interview given to the website MMAjunkie.com, Mo said that cheating was not in his blood and he believed only in skills and game plan.

On January 7, Lawal defeated Lorenz Larkin by a knock out in the second round of the bout. However, following testing positive in the drug test and facing a possible suspension of one year, the result of the bout can be changed to a no contest. Mo’s lawyer Mike Kogan sent the list of medications and supplements taken by him before the bout that included drugs that King Mo took on account of a knee injury to get fit before the bout. Included in the list submitted by the manager are the drugs recommended by the doctor who treated King Mo’s knee injury. These drugs are Dexamethasone, which is used as anti inflammatory drug, and Orthovisc, which is used to increase lubrication in the knee joint as well as to treat osteoarthritis.

King Mo however admits that he did not discuss these medications in the paperwork that was done prior to the bout. He says that he did not think much of the medications given by the doctor and he treated them just as he would treat over the counter drugs available for treatments of common cold and flu. Mo said that he was prepared to answer the questions posed by the Commission if permitted.