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Jenelle Evans Caught Smoking Marijuana

Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans violated her probation and, therefore, may be put in the jail for smoking some weeds.

After she did not pass a drug test on July 13, the reality star now proven to be using marijuana.  Her drug test shows that she is positive for the compound THC, normally found on marijuana.

The reality star is now up to date with her payment on her court fee.  But even after a discontinued post rehab following programme she tested positive for weed again on July 13.

The accused got discharged from marijuana detox treatment on June 7, 2011 and needed discharge plan was not completed. Since she was discharged from inpatient treatment, Jenelle Evans has failed to follow up with any aftercare.

However, her lawyers say that the report was not correct.

Dustin Sullivan, lawyer of Evans say his client is  up to date with payment of the court fees.  There was the probation officer, who could prove that what he is saying is the truth. The lawyer does not want to comment about the positive drug test.

On August 24, there will be another hearing for the case.

On May 7, the star of reality show 'Teen Mom 2' checked into a hospital for marijuana detox treatment.

Last October 2010, she got arrested for possession of marijuana.

In March, she got arrested for the second time as a video of the reality star fighting with another girl surfaces.

Her lawyer claims that the rehab helps her client to straighten her life quite a bit.

While she was under probation, she got tested under the influence of marijuana and now she has 30 days of sobering.