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Increase in the Number of New Born Addicted to Drugs

A story carried out in USA Today has reveled addiction to drugs in newborn babies though this addiction is not towards illegal drugs but rather those that expecting mothers take during their pregnancies, most such drugs being pain killers. Though there are no nationwide statistics available, data collected from individual states like Florida, Maine and Tennessee suggests there is definitely an upswing in the number of new born babies who are born addicts. In Florida alone, the number of such babies has tripled in three years, being 354 in 2006 and jumping to 1374 in 2010.

As far as treatment of these new born babies is concerned, they need a treatment similar to de-addiction in adults. The problem with such babies is that their immune system is not fully developed and thus is not prepared for a battle against drugs. Doctors try to give them narcotics to keep withdrawal symptoms away. In later stages they are weaned (away from drugs) in such a manner that their bodies contain no traces of abused drugs.

What complicates the problem is the fact that pregnant ladies who become dependent on medications find it difficult to give up on their habit in later stages of their pregnancy. This often results in miscarriage or premature deliveries. The best way to fight against such negative effects is for women habitual of medications to tell their obstetrician all about their addiction and follow the advice of the doctor. Passing a urine drug test by pregnant ladies at early stages is perhaps the easiest way to tackle this menace.