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Home Alone Child Star Culkin In Serious Danger

When it comes to gossip and the latest celebrity news, one hot topic nowadays is the National Enquirer’s accusation on the Home Alone child star Macauley Culkin regarding drug abuse that could possibly kill him. The National Enquirer has claimed that the child prodigy is an oxycodone and heroin addict who needs to pass a drug test and check into a rehab if he wants to save himself. The National Enquirer went on to even say that the actor has only six more months to live if he carries on this dangerous and reckless lifestyle.

However, the star’s  publicist claimed that he was highly insulted by these false accusations and asked the National Enquirer along with the media to reconfirm their stories before going public with them since they can have a significant effect on the star’s publicity and repute. However, the National Enquirer is withstanding what they have printed before and demands the star to undergo a drug test that should be administered by a third party to confirm its reliability. The sole reason the National Enquirer pursuing this matter with such vigilance is that fact that recently, Macauley Culkin’s close friend Elijah Rosello died due to an overdose of the same drugs that the actor uses. Rosello’s parents confirmed that their daughter had been using drugs with Macauley Culkin prior to her death.

The National Enquirer is hence encouraging the star to take a drug test and stop denying the reality. The media doesn’t want to see another famous and talented actor fall prey to over dosage of drugs similar to late artists such as Amy Winehouse and Whitney Houston - two incredibly talented women. It is high time that the actor responded to all of these accusations and save his own life, if he has gotten too far into this bad habit.