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Hawaii Is The First In Workplace Methamphetamine Use

Although there is a 26.1 percent reduction in methamphetamine from 2006, Hawaii still holding the title when it comes to being the number one in the US among meth users in workplace.

According to urine test samples analyzed way back in 2010, Hawaii leads the country in drug users working in companies.  The state has 410 percent greater rate than the national average. Arkansas is the second to Hawaii, having around 280 percent higher than the national average, and Oklahoma holds the third rate at 240 percent.

Dr. Barry Sample, director of science and technology for Quest Diagnostics Employer Solutions state that by just looking at the national averages you can not tell the entire story.  A report tells that the western part of country is facing higher methamphetamine prevalence than the country as a whole.

Urine samples said that while meth appears to be going eastward, and there is also some meth lab busts in Georgia and New York, the East Coast remains protected from dramatically high prevalence rates. New York has 100 percent beneath the national average along with Massachusetts and Washington, D.C.

Despite the highest rate, the use of methamphetamine in Hawaii now has dropped to its lowest level since 2004. Crystal meth use falled down to 0.4 percent from 1.1 percent among the workers and job candidates in drug tests. And there is no rise in the number of users of synthetic urine with the purpose to cheat urine test.

Dr. William Haning, a psychiatry professor at the University of Hawaii's John A. Burns School of Medicine says since Hawaii's got a service economy and high cost of living the workers are at a greater risk for using meth.