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Haley Can Not Prove Her Drug Statement Claims

It seems that South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley is now facing a tough problem as she can not back up claims that half of the people, who works for the Energy Department's Savannah River Site did not pass drug test and half of the remainder does not know how to read and write.

In an interview with Associated Press, Haley claims that she already learned her lesson. Next time, she works, she would be more careful.

Haley said that she had mentioned the story about the failed drug test a million times, before she got asked about the statements following a Lexington Rotary Club on Sept. 8. Her spokesman got asked a non-stop about the claims.

On Monday, Haley got frustrated as she could not record that has formed policy perspectives, which includes the link between drug tests and unemployment benefits and developing skills programs.

Department of Energy spokesmen Jim Giusti claims that less than 1 percent of the workers employed by the Savannah River Site's primary contractor, Savannah River Nuclear Solutions, did not pass the preemployment screening test.

Haley's number was far afield of figures from Quest Diagnostics, a national drug testing company, which produces a yearly account of preemployment and workplace drug testing.

Back in 2010, less than 2 percent of preemployment tests proven to be positive for, under the influence of drugs, the figures based from a Quest previously report released this month. In the meantime, information from 4.5 million urine test samples illustrates that 3.5 percent of the overall workforce tested positive for drugs after they got the jobs but before getting hired.