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Group Distributes Free Home Drug Test Kits

An anti-drug group known as the San Tan Valley Substance Abuse Coalition, located in Arizona, recently passed out free drug test kits to numerous residents in the community. This was part of an effort on their behalf to oppose April 20, also known as 420, which some characterized as “National Get High Day,” when many young people smoke marijuana. The effort was carried out with help from notMYkid.org, a nationwide anti-drug non-profit organization that engages in educational anti-drug efforts aimed at increasing awareness by parents of the dangers it says drugs pose to young people.

notMYkid.org also conducts speaking events to communicate its antidrug message to approximately 100,000 young people and parent audiences estimated to number in the tens of thousands. The group has been in existence since 2000.

The groups claim that, in most instances, young people first use marijuana before trying other illegal drugs that are more powerful. Some of the drug kits passed out were produced by First Check, which is a well known manufacturer of home diagnostic tests for various medical purposes as well as for drug testing. Also helping to promote the effort was Rural/Metro, a private company which supplies fire protection services and ambulance assistance to many local communities. The ambulance company says that it participates because it has seen how its ambulance crews are forced to deal, throughout the year with negative medical consequences of illegal drug use.

The effort in Arizona was matched in a number of other cities. In all, a total of 3,600 free home drug testing kits were distributed in the hopes that parents would use them to carry out drug testing on their own children and also use the occasions to have discussions with their children on what the groups say are the dangers of drug use.

The cost of the effort was approximately $144,000 for the price of the kits. Other similar efforts throughout the year bring the total annual cost to approximately $400,000.