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Governor Asked To Pass Urine Test To Prove He Is Clean

Now this is taking things too far as Florida Governor was subjected to a lot of embarrassment when a reporter asked him to pee in a cup to prove he is clean during a news conference. Rick Scott, the Governor of Florida, who is known for his calls to make state employees and those dependent upon welfare from state pass urine drug test was stunned when Aasif Mandvi, an actor and comedian on a daily program on TV that is satirical in nature, asked Gov to pee in his cup to prove he is clean as far as drugs are concerned.

Mandvi requested everyone present to turn their backs on Governor to give him to privacy so as to feel free to urinate in a cup. Mandvi said that as the Governor got hundreds of thousands of dollars from taxpayers every year, he should be ready to prove he himself is as clean as he desires everyone else in the state to be. This happened during the conference where Scott was presenting budget proposals of Republican Party for the state.

Scott answered the query in a simple manner as if he was neither offended nor had a desire to give any undue importance to the person asking the question. He replied with a simple, ‘I have done it many times before’. Like a seasoned politician, Rick moved on to answer the questions of other reporters present on the occasion and did not seem too perturbed. Scott became the Gov of Florida only in January. He is a former healthcare executive.