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Golf Pro Greg Norman Calls For More Intense Drug Tests

Greg Norman, a golf pro, has called for the sport to institute more intensively drug testing, using blood tests rather than just urine tests. His statements were a response, in part to an admission by another golf pro, Vijay Singh, who recently admitted that he had utilize an illicit deer antler spray on himself which contained a banner substance, but that it remained undetected and himself unscathed.

The spray contained an ingredient that is a muscle building hormone. Professional golf bans its use, but players who use it are ordinarily not detected by the urine drug tests administered since its presence apparently can only be detected with more intrusive blood testing for drug use.

Norman therefore called for professional golfing organizations to mandate blood testing for drugs to make sure all players are safe. Norman’s statement downplayed any intrusion or inconvenience posed by the blood tests, characterizing them as merely imposing a “pinprick” for the players, while helping to make sure that the competitive sport is clean and fair. He argued that adopting such a policy was a major responsibility for professional sports officials and one which should not be neglected.

Norman originally hails from Australia, and is currently back there engaged in some work relating to golf course design. He characterized any sports player, including professional golf players, who use prohibited drugs or any other “outside agency” to enhance their performance, instead of just trying naturally to play their best as a “cheater” giving their sport a black eye. He said that such drugged athletes sickened him, and said that if drugs are avoided, a sport will be regarded as clean and fans will trust it, leading to corporate sponsors being willing to spend money on it.

Without instituting blood testing for drugs, however, he indicated, no one will ever know how deep the drug problem in professional sports really is.