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Gingrich wants a more Aggressive Drug Policy

Newt Gingrich, who happens to be Republican party’s Presidential candidate, has come out clearly against a policy of medical marijuana and says that the country should make a stringent law to stop use of the drug. He said the doctors prescribed medical marijuana detox at the drop of a hat making a mockery of the legislation. Anybody who wanted to use marijuana could easily get it after getting a prescription from his health care provider.

It is rather ironical that the man who introduced medical marijuana legislation in 1981 is so sharply against this policy now, but he says that he has understood the wrong signals this legislation sends among the kids and the next generation on the whole. He said that rather than appeasing a small group of people who need the drug on medical grounds, it is better to send a clear signal to the majority of the population that it is not OK to use the drug under any circumstances.

Gingrich feels that time has come for the country to have a single voice on the issue and that US needs strong laws to stop use of drugs. He personally is in favor of harsher penalties for habitual users and peddlers of drugs. However, he is concerned about drug testing and throwing drug addicts who did not pass a drug test into prison saying that counseling and treatment are the first options government should exercise. Drug addiction, though causing financial burden on the exchequer is a far human solution to the problem of drug abuse than sentences for addicts.