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Gering Public School Proposes Random Drug Testing

Gering Public School is investigating the possibility of drug testing its high school students involved in extra curricular activities randomly. The superintendent of the board, Don Hague, has been asked by the President of the board, Mike Brunner, to collect more information on this issue. Hague has said that this is in accordance with the inputs from parents as well as requests from citizens.

Hague has stated that the Board of the school thought about drug testing 3-4 years earlier also but the board was of the view that it was not vitally necessary. Since then, there has been a lot of difference in the views of board members with new members getting elected. Also, many parents have asked for such a policy, and as such, there has been renewed interest in drug testing. If there is finally a decision to start random drug testing of students involved in team sports, dramatics, plays, speech teams, an so on, In fact, there are 17 extra curricular activities for more than 650 students enrolled in high school, and with the decision to randomly start drug testing could affect nearly 70% of these students.

It is a fact that students of teams of Gering Public School do pass drug testing when they go to take part in sporting competitions held at city level. It is all too well known that students of Scottsbluff Public schools have already been subject to this random drug testing as the schools adopted this policy 7 years ago. Talking of last year alone, 10 students per week (implying 40 students per month) got tested for drugs in these schools. The man behind random drug testing in Scottsbluff Public schools is happy and says that the program has served its purpose of encouraging students to stay clean as they know they run the risk of being caught.