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Geisinger Hiring Policy Has Many Up In Arms Against It

Geisinger is a health care system in the state of Pennsylvania. Recently there has been an amendment in its hiring policy that says that any potential employee, if found positive for nicotine, would not be considered for a job in the company. This has created a stir in Plains township in Luzerne County as the new policy will, starting February in 2012, screen for tobacco new applicants and reject applications if found positive. This clearly implies that Geisinger wishes to deny employment opportunities to active smokers. This is of course in addition to no use of tobacco in its campuses and residential properties that is accepted by the workers in the company.

It is the new amendment, which dictates what employees can and cannot do even at their homes, that has made many angry as tobacco is not drug and smoking at home is not illegal in any part of the world. In just over a month, new job applicants will be first tested for nicotine, and if found positive, the applicant will lose out on a potential job with the company.

There are of course people who understand the stand taken by a company that primarily deals in health care. These are people who believe that Geisinger is after all, trying to better the health of the people and if in its endeavor, it feels that its employees should adopt its own lifestyle, there is no harm with this kind of thinking. However, there are also people opposed to this policy as this is not a drug testing and a person should not be debarred from a potential job only because he is a smoker. It is a kind of discrimination not permitted by our constitution. Geisinger feels that it is only towing the line of other health care providers and a rejected applicant can reapply after 6 moths if he decides to give up on smoking.