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Florida State Senator Wants To Repeal Welfare Drug Testing Law

It seems that the state law, which requires welfare applicants to pass a drug test now have another enemy as Count Florida state Sen. Arthenia Joyner files a bill to repeal welfare drug testing.

This week, the senator filed a bill to repeal the law; she claimed that the legislation kicks people when they are down. Joyner noted that this is not what America stands for. The law is unruly and attacks poor people.

Not only is the law unjust, it is also pointless, Joyner said about federal legislation that essentially permits states to reject benefits to people who have been an offender sometime ago of a felony that relates to drug use, possession or distribution. Joyner says the public is not aware of the federal law. The awareness is out there: poor people who only ask for help used drugs.

A Quinnipiac poll released Wednesday demonstrates that 71 percent of Florida voters supports the law. The Florida ACLU has filed a court case against the law, claiming that the law defies the Fourth Amendment. Florida Gov. Rick Scott, in defending the legislation, has disputed that drug use among welfare beneficiary is "much higher" than the populace at large. However, previous results of the drug tests imply the opposite, with only about 2 percent of applicants, who were diagnose as positive for drug use.

Joyner says is not in favor to support anyone drug habit, but do not like to spend on an unnecessary law. She is going to do everything in her power so that the bill gets passed.  People get punished just because they are unfortunate.