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Florida State Governor Backs Drug Test For Welfare Beneficiaries

Florida Gov. Rick Scott is firm with his decision to stand along his state's new policy of drug testing welfare recipients despite the American Civil Liberties Union challenging the scheme in  proceedings, and just 2.5 percent of beneficiaries flunked the first set of tests in July, which triggers additional calls for the policy's repeal.

At a recent interview, the governor emphasizes the problem.  He then added that he would like the same law to be implemented not only to welfare beneficiaries, but as well as the government employees.

His spokesperson, Lane Wright claims that the governor is also willing to subject himself on a drug test.

Scott's drug testing idea widely accepted with Sunshine State voters also normal for politicians outside of Florida. State senators in Ohio and Oklahoma have said they will present welfare drug testing laws based on Scott's plan. The Ohio suggestion would subject unemployment insurance beneficiaries to the tests, as well. A spokesperson for Ohio Republican State Sen. Tim Grendell did not say something about the issue when HuffPost asked why people should pass the drug tests.

Elizabeth Lower-Basch, a policy analyst with the progressive Center for Law and Social Policy believes that some people simply can not afford the test. People who want to receive the welfare beneficiary is usually down to their last resort.  Not taking the drug test does not mean that such people are guilty.  Sometimes, these people would rather spend their money on putting foods on their mouth than to spend it on a test.