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Failed Drug Tests Have Led To Suspension Of Two Athletes

Unexpected drug testing on applicants for Olympic Games 2012 led to the suspension of two more athletes. Morocan athlete Amine Laalou and Belarusian Ivan Tsikhan have been said to violate the anti-doping regulations and policies of the London Olympic Games 2012. The two athletes were said to compete in the games however the IAAF which is the governing body for the athletes suspended them temporarily. Ivan Tsikhan was said to compete in the hammer throwing competition while Amine Laalou was supposed to compete in races.

Prior to drug testing, the IAAF spoke regarding how seriously it took the matter of anti-doping laws that have been created for the sole purpose of keeping the standard of the games high. Every athlete must undergo drug test and no leverage would be provided to anybody if drug test came out positive for banned substances. Soon after this statement, the IAAF finalized the suspension of these two athletes involved in the consumption of banned drugs. It was a big disappointment to everyone since these two athletes were to compete in the Olympic Games of 2012. The IAAF also said that the suspension is on a temporary basis as a disciplinary tribunal hearing will bring forward as to what are the consequences of the athlete’s irresponsible and careless actions.

Both the athletes were supposed to compete in the same week, but due to suspension did not take part in the Games. Prior to their suspension, there was news regarding drug abuse and suspension that made it to the sports headlines. Diego Palomeque who was supposed to participate in the 400 meters race in the London Olympics was also suspended due to a positive drug test. Apart from this the IOC expelled the cyclist Victoria Baranova from the Olympics 2012 as a drug test came positive for testosterone. The Olympics governing organization, the UCI confirmed that the athlete would not be allowed to compete.