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Experts Tell State Panel To Legalize Marijuana

Thursday, expert tells State of Panel that the ban of marijuana has failed.  Experts are currently considering whether to implement the legalization of marijuana in Indiana or lessen the penalties for people using small amounts of marijuana.

All the experts agreed that the law prohibiting the use of marijuana has failed in their state.  It will be better if politicians are going to change the law about marijuana.

Daniel Abrahamson of the Drug Policy Alliance told the Indiana Legislature's Criminal Law and Sentencing Policy Study Committee, that the community knows that the marijuana law did not do anything right.

In 16 states and the District of Columbia, politicians have accepted the use of marijuana for medical purpose.  The other 13 states remove the sentence for using a small dosage of marijuana.

Abrahamson says such changes have not met with harmful consequences such as an uptick in marijuana use.  Also, no one can tell the state of Indiana to change its law for the usage of marijuana like the other states already did.

The federal government has no power to order any state to ban the use of marijuana in their state.  The state has the right to change its mind regarding the legalization of marijuana; the state can ban the use of marijuana after its legalization.

Noah Member of the MPP (Marijuana Policy Project) says although, even if the usage of marijuana is illegal it does not stop people from using it.  The law against marijuana is only ruining the lives of people by throwing people to jail for using marijuana to treat diseases; he added that compare to alcohol, marijuana is safer and THC detox is easier.

According to the estimate of Abrahamson, the tax income could increase to $44 million yearly, but only if the use of marijuana legalized and taxed.