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EMS Employee Loses His Job After Failing Drug Test

It seems like firing employees because of failed drug test is a trend these days.  Another Metro Emergency Medical Services employee got fired after he fails a drug test.

Robert Gant got fired after tested positive for marijuana usage.  Gant joined EMS back in 2005 and worked as an emergency medical technician.

According to police records, Gant was just one of the five employees, who got fired after failing a drug test.  His suspension letter claims that he was involved in distribution and illegal use of controlled substances.

Head of Metro EMS, Dr. Neal Richmond, says Gant was submitted to drug testing during the investigation, but they could not find anything in him.

Four of the EMS employees, including Gant, got acquitted of the contentions against them by police and Gant got cleared and can go back to work on Aug. 31. The fifth employee, Joseph Bratcher, got fired Aug. 9 when authorities found out that he is positive of using marijuana.

When Gant comes back to his working place, the company requires him to pass a drug test as part of the company’s effort in screening all employees from drug use. He got tested positive.

Metro EMS started to screen their employees since there are numerous incidents involving drugs, which includes the suspension of the five employees, the firing of a major in August and a drunken-driving incident that involves another employee.

On August 8, Maj. Roger Parvin got fired for breach of policy that involves the handling of controlled substances. An internal investigation into Parvin started following the event where he got involved in an rollover accident while driving his department vehicle.