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Employers Concern About Synthetic Urine

State Government Scientists want to find ways on how can they distinguish a fake urine from a genuine urine sample.  Employers fear that workers can use it to pass the drug test.

Quick Fix is one of the synthetic urine that can be bought online.  It includes the entire elements seen on a genuine urine sample.

ChemCentre spokeswoman Sarah Lau verifies they are currently figuring out the product.  Following a number of Employers, who uttered their concerns about the product that some workers might use it to beat drug test.

To date, there are no evidences found that workers are using the synthetic urine to pass a drug test.  However, Ms. Lau claimed that raised concerns are enough to guarantee a research.

One of the websites that sells Quick Fix Synthetic Urine says they sell around six packs of fake urine weekly. Joe Jones, manager of the website claims that people do not use synthetic urine for cheating drug tests, only for “party pranks”.

Director of National Drug and Research Institute, Steve Allsop says that to know the number of employees in a single company using drugs is impossible. Professor Allsop added that drug test was implemented to reduce drug use. Employers should also educate employees on why they need to stay away from prohibited drug use.

Ms Lau says that the art of testing drugs is always improving.  An employee who got away from drug use the first time may not pass the test for the second time.

Until the time when there are easier ways to detect a fake urine, it would be better if drug testers will also base their findings on the temperature of the sample that must match body temperature.