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Drug Tests For The Poor. Stigma Or Fairness?

In states like Missouri and Arizona people are only tested if there is suspicion of drug abuse. However in some states like Colorado all people applying for Temporary Financial Assistance are busy with the problem of how to pass a drug test because they are required to undergo mandatory drug testing. This is stereotyping and stigmatizing the notion that all poor people are drug abusers and that they all would use the benefits provided to them for drug abuse. This isn’t true and many are now criticizing this notion.

The amount of money spent on people being tested for drug use, can be invested somewhere else to provide the poor with greater, better facilities. Instead the government is going about testing people for any sign or spec of drug abuse. What many people criticize about is that this same money can be spent on institutions that provide education and treatment regarding drug abuse rather than testing the poor for drugs.

It has been stated that testing the poor applying for benefits might sound the appropriate thing to do at first. However, it is expensive, inconvenient and counterproductive in some instances. Many who do not consume drugs may even feel violated and humiliated for being tested before providing them with money to feed their family. Furthermore, in this process of drug testing, the entire family suffers if any one member turns out to be positive. If for example, the father is undergoing massive depression or is an addict and is refused any kind of assistance, then his children will be out on the street or living in orphanages. This results in the family being torn apart or in worst cases children living on the streets.

Many also raise their voices to drug test the rich as well and those employed who are involved in providing the poor with money. Solely due to this reason, many organizations are now drug testing possible recruits.