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Drug Testing - The Right Of A State

Reporters from Atlanta state that in the city of Georgia, people now applying for welfare benefits which would majorly include the elderly have to pass a drug test before being an appropriate applicant for approval of benefits. The department responsible for formulation of this regulation is the Social Responsibility and Temporary Act, in which adults needing monetary assistance apply for welfare benefits for their families. This Act has been passed in order to ensure that none of the money provided to them by the state goes to buy illegal drugs.

The Georgia House states that even if an adult of the family does not pass the drug test, this does not mean that the children of that house will not be given money. They will be provided with benefits under another head, who will be appointed by the State of Georgia itself. Another two states have passed similar legislations which are Florida and Michigan.

This particular bill has been passed to prevent people from using illicit drugs. Over the years the use and abuse of drug has increased by a great deal leading to increasing levels of crimes and poverty. Governments have tried various reforms in order to prevent this abuse of drugs since it harms the overall economy and lifestyle of the country. Hence now recently, laws to test drug use when applying for welfare, when applying for jobs and providing aids have been made mandatory due to the sole reason that people do not get these benefits in order to purchase drugs. The government of Georgia states that the money can be given to only those who are in desperate need of it and can be used to save many lives. To ensure justice in the legal system, many countries nowadays are testing people for drug abuse on a daily basis.