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Drug Testing Of State Employees Possible In Florida

Though there has been controversy over random drug testing of public employees, and even Governor Rick Scott had to take back his orders to start random drug testing when sued in a federal law court, Florida seems ready to become the first state where state employees will pass a drug test every three months. This became evident when the lawmakers of the state pushed ahead with a bill that would allow public companies to test employees for drugs on a quarterly basis. Jimmy Smith, who is a Republican senator and who proposed the bill, says that he intends to push through the bill so as to shake up the society that has reluctantly accepted drug abuse by its people. Surprisingly, we have a Republican in Jeff Clemens who is a vociferous opponent of the bill saying he does not like the idea as it would arm the public sector company with a weapon as it would fire the employee if he failed a drug test once.

If one takes a look at Senator Jimmy Smith’s credentials, it appears that he is the man responsible for getting a bill passed last year that mandated drug testing of recipients of help and assistance through state welfare programs. He says that the proposed bill, when it does become a law, will be a tool in the hands of the government. He is of the opinion that taxpayers deserve a drug free work place and that it is the duty of the government to come up with such a law. Governor Scott’s order was challenged by American Civil Liberties Union on the ground that such a law is unnecessary unless there is a special need in case of employees who carried gun for law enforcement.

Opponents of the bill said that it would only increase the burden on the tax payers as testing would involve a lot of expenditure.