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Drug Testing Of Officials In The State Of Florida, Now Mandatory!

Lawmakers in Florida have recently passed and approved a bill to randomly drug test state government employees at any given point in time. This issue was raised in the Senate recently due to the heightened and increase use of drugs in Florida. In the Senate vote the voting ratio came out to be 26 to 14, showing a majority for those in favor of drug testing.

Many approve this drug testing law in order to reduce illegal activities and corruption going on in the Governmental level of the State. They stated that just because a person is a member of the State does not mean that they cannot have a drug abuse problem, and if there are people who are illegal substance abusers, it is better for them to be treated and educated since drug abuse is known to massively reduce productivity. And at a State level productivity is highly important for the welfare of the entire state.

The bill that has been passed asks for State agencies to test up to 10% of any employees after every three months. The result will be firing of those who turn out to be positive. Many would say that this particular activity is rather harsh, however others say that drug abuse is already prohibited for any employed post, so such a harsh action is perhaps necessary for the Government. Many have suggested state agencies to first test more sensitive posts in the Senate and provide treatment to those that show positive results instead of firing them. However, this decision is still not finalized as treatment options are still being discussed.

During the time that the bill was about to be passed, controversies arose as many lawmakers first asked for the Governor and other high posted elected officials to be tested first. Eventually the bill was passed after majority voted in its favor.