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The Drug Testing Isn't Possible For Bath Salts

The  new designed drugs sold legally under the name "Bath Salts" have effects that are described as similar to cocaine o MDMA.  Recently more and more states prohibit it. At the moment in more than 30 states this substance is now outlaw just like marijuana, cocaine or any other illegal drug.

However, investigators found out that Bath Salts cannot be detected just like a common illegal substance.  Drug addicts can not pass drug test since they are not tested for using Bath Salts.

According to some probation officials, the cost of drug testing for Bath Salts would mean additional funds.  Drug test will cost around $50, if they are going to include the Bath Salts test. Head of Luzerne County's Probation Department, Mike Vecchio admits they could not afford the additional fee.  The test is going to add another $50,000 in the budget of drug testing in the workplace.

Vecchio is not happy about the fact that they could not afford the test since they want their county to be free from bath Salts.  To date, they are one of the highest number of cases involving Bath Salts. There was a report about a couple, who got high on Bath Salts and stabbed one another.

All the emergency room in area hospital was filled with people got high using Bath Salts.  However, they hope its in the past since the substance now deemed as illegal.

Although Bath Salts cannot be bought in the local store, people can still order it online. According to the intelligence report of the local police, some people often bought boxes of Bath Salts when it was legal.