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Drug Testing For State Assistance Programs

There is a lot of debate over the new drug testing laws that require that people applying for assistance such as food stamps, medicaid and others to pass a drug test. Many states have already got this law passed. Now many people are refusing to do the drug testing for several reasons. One of the main reasons is that they feel that it is unconstitutional.

In other cases it may just be because the people cannot afford to pay the cost of the drug test or get to the testing facilities. Whatever the case may be it is happening. Now if you should fail a drug test in these states then you are not allowed to receive assistance for a year. Now if you take classes for the drug then you can cut hat time down to six months. You may also be allowed to have someone else apply for the benefits for your children but they have to undergo the drug testing as well. If for some reason you should fail a second time then you cannot receive the benefits for up to three years.

Many people do not feel like this law should have been passed. And they use various drug detox products and synthetic urine to beat urine tests. However, many other people feel that it was the right thing to do. This is because you have to get drug tested in order to get some jobs so why not drug test for state benefits. There are several states that the law has already been passed in. It also does not look like it will be long before all the United States will be having to do drug testing in order to qualify for state assistance. If you need more information on drug testing for state assistance there are many websites that can give you the information that you seek. Make sure that you are getting the correct information so that you will understand what is going on.