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Drug Testing Can Be Conducted On Bath Salts Soon

Authorities claims that many of the Miami Valley inhabitants stick with using bath salts and synthetic cannabinoids since they believe, that they could escape with using such drugs, because drug testing in the workplace for bath salts is impossible.

However, local companies are now getting knowledgeable about the two common drugs and have upgraded their drugtesting program.

MedWork Occupational Health Care in Dayton, administering around 15,000 drug screens yearly, has the means to test for “bath salts” and Spice, aka synthetic marijuana. However, the company advises its clients to wait before changing its drug-testing policies.

Back in July, Gov. John Kasich had authorized the legislation banning “bath salts” and synthetic cannabinoids.  The two substances  stated above mimic the results of stimulants and marijuana as well, as commonly sold at smoke shops, gas stations and convenience stores from corner to corner of the Miami Valley.

The new law is going to start on October 17, and Doctor E. Dean Imbrogno, MedWork medical director and owner, suggested to his clients that they should not take any action until the law had begun.

Pam McCool-Ellish, senior manager of MedWork, said she hopes that once the new law is acted out, her company is going to see a lot of employers prefer to test for synthetic cannabinoids.

MedWork helps counties, municipalities, industrial companies, schools, trucking businesses and further “safety sensitive” employers, McCool-Ellish said.

In jobs where mistakes can be deadly, employers must make sure that their companies are free from workers who are under the influence of drugs and not hiding a substance-abuse issue by using synthetic products. But here is still another probrem that employees still can use synthetic urine or marijuana detox kits to pass a drug test.