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Drug Testing And Where It Is Going

There are many people that think that they should not be drug tested. They feel that it violates their rights and use synthetic urine or marijuana detox to protect their privacy in urine test. Now some people think it is alright if it is for a job. Well more and more we are seeing that the drug testing area is getting more popular. It use to be that you only got drug tested for certain job fields. Well now it is like everyone is wanting to drug test for different reasons.

Now they are starting to drug test people applying for government assistant programs. Many people debate whether this is right or wrong. This is something that you must decide for yourself. Well now drug testing is getting more and more the talk. In Indiana they have started drug testing people that go to job fairs and such. So now even before you apply to a job you have to pass the drug test.

They test for marijuana, cocain, meth and a few more. They can test urine, hair  or saliva. The reports show that about 2% of the people failed the drug test. Some of these failed, some of them refused it and other people had to be retested because their urine was diluted. They started doing this because they wondered why the drug users were getting the jobs when they were using. So they decided to try and stop the drug users from even applying for the job.

Letting people know that drug testing is going to be done at these job fairs usually keeps them from coming. Many people feel that this is a great thing to do. This is so that we do not have drug users ending up with one of the jobs. Many people believe that the war on drug testing is only going to get bigger. The more things that we do to keep the drugs out of the community the better.