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Dave Herman Denies Using Drug After Tested Positive

MMA Junkie claims that Dave Herman denies the issue that he is using marijuana after he got tested positive for using it.

However, he admitted that he is hanging around with people that are smoking weed.   The heavyweight MMA fighter says that this is the reason why he did not pass the drug test.

He added that, in California, almost everyone is smoking the banned weed.  He sees many of his friends smoke most of the time, and this must have triggered the test to be positive, as well. But he had never used marijuana detox or other products to cheat drug test.

Herman took the drug pre-fight test earlier at a local drug testing facility contracted by Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation.

During an interview conducted by Clinch Gear Radio, Herman noted that the facility requested him to come back for the second test as they lost the first testing result.   He goes back and have his blood sample taken and was denied by TDLR.

Herman may be proven to be using marijuana, but they could not prove that he was under the influence of steroid, a drug used to enhance the performance of athletes.

Susan Stanford, the public information officer for the TDLR, had spoken to MMA Junkie about the issue, she had confirmed that Herman has denied the issue, but did not give details about the decision.  She did; however, she admitted that the commission has provided pre-fight testing of all types – previously, drug testing can only be performed whenever a promoter requested it.

According to Stanford, Herman may appeal the decision. UFC officials did not feel commenting about the issue.