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D. J. Williams Strike, You’re Out?

The use of synthetic urine to alter drug tests have become a norm these days especially for athletes, due to which the authorities are now taking such matters very seriously and not providing any sort of indulgence to the athletes who fail drug test or use methods to escape from the true results. A similar story was seen in the news recently when D. J. Williams, a famous football player, was suspended after he failed two drug tests for using synthetic urine and was caught on trying to cheat the third test. D. J. Williams, the Denver Broncos’ linebacker, received a six game suspension from NFL competitions due to his violation of anti-doping policies and rules.

John Ingold, the Denver Post’s reporter created a report regarding the failed attempts by this football player to pass drug tests. In the report he claims that D. J. Williams failed the first two drugs tests due to provided a non-human urine sample, meaning that most possibly he used synthetic urine which is easily available to buy online. After failing two tests, he was asked to provide a sample for a third test, during which he was caught kicking off his sample in hopes to substitute it with clean urine.

Rumors are also on the rise that the football player used a famous drug sample altering device called a “Whizzinator” when trying to cheat drug test. Due to his involving in three urine altering attempts, the drug committee had no other option but to suspend the player for six games. However, they did provide him with a chance to make one more appeal before suspension. Authorities show no mercy when it comes to drug test and say that the athlete is literally thowring this NFL career into the garbage bag with such careless attitude.