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Court Orders School Authorities to Reinstate Terminated Driver

Two years ago, Timothy Cynthia DiDomenicantonio, a Shenendehowa school bus driver was fired by the school authorities for driving under the influence of drugs. She was held responsible for jeopardizing the safety of 4 school students that happened to be inside the school bus at the time she was stopped and tested for drugs by police. She didn't pass weed test and was fired. She was a member of a union that challenged this dismissal and appointed an arbitrator who heard her case and finally ordered the school authorities to reinstate her into service though without 6 month back pay as claimed by her.

Cynthia tested positive for marijuana when a breath analyzer test was conducted by the police that performed the test on her on the spot. Her erratic driving was reported to police by people who saw the school bus not under her control for a while she was taking back 4 school children to their homes. The fact that Cynthia had a praiseworthy record prior to the incident and never failed in a drug test went in her favor by as her case was heard by the district court that reversed the earlier order.

However, the school has not reinstated her into service till now and is weighing its options of appealing against this latest court order. The court said that Central School District violated the contract with the union when it fired Cynthia on charges of marijuana intake. Cynthia had contended that she didn’t use marijuana detox but may have inadvertently been exposed to second hand smoke of marijuana.