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Boxer Tim Bradley Endorses Prize Fighter Drug Tests

A seemingly growing chorus of professional fighters has come out in favor of conducting random drug testing of those about to get in the ring. The latest  to do so is Timothy Bradley, well known as the currently reigning WBO Welterweight champion.

He is scheduled to fight with challenger Rusian Provodnikov next month, and both of them have consented to submit to blood and urine tests to screen for drugs prior to their bout. He is returning to the ring to defend his title after taking a nine month break from the rigors of the sport.

Such testing is more and more a professional requirement for big ticket professional boxing bouts.  One of the first to insist on it was Floyd Mayweather. Bradley has publically taken the position that he will now insist on drug testing of all participants before each of his professional fights.

He asserted that too many athletes today are not clean and are involved with drugs, and that he wants to be part of cleaning up the sport. Bradley asserted that he himself does not use illegal drugs and wants to prove this to his fans and other athletes. The testing for his bouts will be run by the United States Anti-Doping Association  (USADA), rather than the Voluntary Anti-Doping Association (VADA), as previous reported.

USADA’s drug testing services have previously been used by the Olympics. Bradley indicated that he felt that he was better acquainted with the drug testing services provided by USADA than with those provided by VADA.

Bradley won his boxing championship on the summer of 2012, when he defeated champion Manny Pacquiao. He anticipates a busy year in 2013 with many bouts. He states that he tries to take good care of himself, utilizing good diet and nutrition as part of what keeps him in tip-top shape.