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Beware Of Drug Use At Work Places

If you are an occasional user of drugs, it is important that you know your rights when it comes to drug testing and what will happen if you fail an employment drug test. It depends on your employers how strict an action will they take upon knowing that you failed your drug test. It is completely lawful for your employer to fire you or deny you promotion or not even hire you in the first place, if you test positive for a drug test. This happens when your employer has a zero-tolerance drug testing policy. In other situations where you employers are lenient, they might offer to enroll you in assistance or rehabilitation programs to help you deal with this problem, and decide to enroll you after you stay clean for a number of months.

Other employers might hire you but might not give you paid holidays and may cut down disability benefits and employee compensations. Furthermore, if you decide to accept the proposal of being enrolled into a rehabilitation program, your employer is not obliged to give you a paid leave and your days absent from the job will be taken out from your regular pay. It doesn’t really matter if you tried the drug just to experience or tried it for recreational purposes with a friend, you are bound to pass drug test and accept admission to an assistance program as stated by the law if you fail. So think twice before trying any drugs like heroin, cocaine or marijuana if you are employed or are applying to get into an organization.

Furthermore, you can also get arrested if you caught using drugs or carrying drugs in a workplace or school, since it is prohibited to use such materials in your office. Videos made on security cameras are also proof enough to put you behind bars.