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Become More Informed Regarding The Drug Testing Process!

Drug testing is becoming increasingly common nowadays as the use and abuse of drugs has increased massively. What is a drug test? A drug test asks for a biological specimen from the body of the person being tested. That is the only way drug tests can be conducted. This biological specimen can be in the form of urine, saliva, blood, sweat, hair follicle and oral fluid. It highly depends on the person conducting the drug test, which type of specimen he or she prefers to test. Drug testing is most commonly performed in the area of sports in order to check and detect performance enhancing drugs used by athletes, which are in fact prohibited by law. These performance enhancing drugs include cocaine, marijuana, heroin and cannabis.

Different type of drugs stays within the body for varying time limits and hence classifications have been made for different drugs according to their testing period limit. For example marijuana stays in your system from 2 days to 11 weeks depending on a lot of  different factors, although you can get THC out of your system much faster. Studies have shown that your hair follicles hold any drug intake for the most maximum amount of time as compared to urine and blood.

The process of drug testing is standardized throughout the world. What happens firstly is that the drug testing device is examined properly to ensure that it hasn’t been tampered with. The seal is checked to see if it has been broken or it is secure. Then a sample is obtained from the person being tested, which may be in the form of urine, blood, sweat, hair or saliva. If a hair follicle is examined hair is washed properly in order to ensure removal of any secondary contaminations. The test is then broken down into the drug screening and the confirmation stage. All samples are tested in the screening stage while only the ones that show positive results are rechecked in the confirmation stage.