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Baseball Player Gio Gonzalez Negative For Performance-Enhancing Drugs

Major League Baseball player Gio Gonzalez, a member of the National’s team, has been certified, after testing, as free from use of performance-enhancing drugs. He passed urine drug test as well as blood test ordered by the players association after his name surfaced in the records of an anti-aging clinic accused of providing such drugs to Major League Baseball players.

The clinic, named Biogenesis, is located in the Miami, Florida area. The athlete himself quickly denied the allegations and submitted to testing, intending to prove his statements that he had never used performance-enhancing drugs and intends never to do so.

A media report recently said that the negative test showed that a notation “pink cream” next to Gonzalez’s name in the clinic’s records, did not prove that he had bought or used the synthetic testosterone that the term refers to. The finding of his name in the records set of a veritable media feeding frenzy about his possible drug use. Many other athletes, however, are still believed to have done so. The name in the records may have actually referred to the ballplayer’s father, who admittedly was a patient at the clinic, going there for weight reduction purposes.

Some media reports seemed to indicate that many other athletes suspected of having either bought or used such performance-enhancing drugs after obtaining them from the clinic may more likely be guilty of violating professional baseball rules.

The athlete’s problems are not necessarily over, however. Major League Baseball has reserved the right to suspend baseball players suspected of using performance-enhancing drugs even without a positive result on a drug test, if there is other case of misconduct involving such drugs. So far, however, there does not appear to be very substantial evidence that he either bought or used the prohibited drugs.