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At Home Drug Tests For Your Children: Is It Right?

There is a lot of controversy about whether or not a parent should administer at home drug tests to their child if they suspect their child is involved with taking drugs.

There is hardly a blanket; one-size-fits-all answer. Many circumstances play into the decision as well as the relationship of the parent and the child. It would be wise to consult a therapist initially to receive advice about your particular case.

There are circumstances where parents decide to administer an at home drug test to their child after the child has gone through some form of drug treatment facility. There is an 80% relapse rate for folks suffering from addiction after finishing a treatment program. These are scary odds for a parent. This is the impetus behind a parent wanting to be completely on top of things if their child begins using again.

Parents need to understand that returning back home to the same environment with the same friends presents a lot of the same triggers. These triggers can lead to a return to the same bad habits and perhaps back to a substance abuse problem. It is important to be involved in both natural drug detox program and the many support groups they have available for recovering addicts. Along with regular visits to a psychologist or therapist and random drug tests at home, a parent can hopefully support their child during recovery and give them the best chance at success that they can.