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Are Drugs Good For Olympic Athletes?

There has been sufficient debate regarding the use of drugs when it comes to athletes. A lot of athletes have been thrown out of the Olympics for testing positive for THC metabolites. However the argument comes in when supporters bring forth evidence that the use of such drugs is better than consuming alcohol, keeping in mind their long term effects on the human body. Since it is the physical and mental health that is most important for athletes, why should they be banned if they are consuming a drug that protects their health from harm? If you think of this issue from this retrospect, then throwing players out of tournaments and competitions just because of drug use is highly unreasonable and unfair.

Another ground breaking news that might stir up conspiracy is the fact that a past marijuana user has now become the owner of the most Olympic medals in history, making a world record. So why is it that a past marijuana user has become one of the best athletes in the world? Isn’t marijuana supposed to deter the spirit and performance level of athletes? Then why is it that officials throw off any athletes that are involved in use of such substances? Michael Phelps isn’t the only athlete that has been ashamed and exposed to humiliation over a small matter of using drugs. Other athletes include Nick Diaz and Stephaney Lee who were not allowed to compete in their sports after they failed to pass THC test.

So why is it that athletes aren’t given the benefit of the doubt and are kicked off due to conservative policies brought forward by conservative officials? It is high time for someone to make changes and allow athletes to go for a safer option in order to relax rather than to damage their liver and body by consuming alcohol.