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Amy Winehouse Was Using Drug Detox Before She Died

Mitch Winehouse claims that his daughter Amy Winehouse was trying to detox her body from the effects of alcohol.  The drug detox pills that the singer took lately was a strong antianxiety drug, resulting to an overdose.

This is the first interview for the father of the late neo-soul singer, who got found dead in her bed last July 23.  Mitch Winehouse told CNN reporter Anderson Cooper that authorities discovered an indication of the prescription drug Librium, used to treat withdrawal symptoms during detoxification from alcohol substance in the body, found inside the body of the deceased star.

Her father said that everything that his daughter did was in excess as she drank in excess and detox to excess.

Mitch shared that her daughter was suffering from seizures before she died, but had been improving because of the drug that she is taking.  The periods of the self-discipline were becoming longer, and periods of drinking were getting shorter, as Amy’s father said in video clips of his daughter.

Mitch says that all he has right now is some speculation. The truth is going to be revealed after the official investigation of her death, which is going to start next month in London.  Amy Winehouse had been a drug and alcohol addict before her death.

Amy’s parents have guessed in Cooper's syndicated show, in New York.  The family is in the show so that they could raise the money needed for the foundation that the family started to help drug and alcohol addicted people.  The show donated $50,000 to the foundation after the interview.  However, it was not  a fee for the interview.