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Amy Winehouse's Last Song Is Dedicated To Fight Drug Addiction

Amy Winehouse may be dead, but she got something to offer for those who are in the wrong direction (especially for those people, who are dealing with drug addiction).

Are you're one of the fans of Winehouse?  Do not think that I am mocking you, as this is true. Winehouse has created a song together with Tony Benett.  The song set to be released this coming September.  All of the money that the song will be earning is going to help the people, who have a drug addiction problem.

The proceeds will be going to the foundation that Amy Winehouse’s father, Mitch began after the death of his daughter.  It sets as a memory of his daughter, and its goal is to educate those who are using drugs that drug are not the answer to their problem.

When Bennet interviewed by BBC last month, he shares his experience working with the late singer.  He recalls that, during the taping of their song, Winehouse was often nervous, but whenever she sang the song, her worries seem to be gone.

Amy’s father got happy upon finding out that last song of his daughter would go for a worthwhile cause – for the welfare of all the people, who got a problem with drug addiction.

Amy’s father reveals that his daughter got excited to learn that she will be working with Tony Bennet.  The fact that Amy voice on his last song sounds as beautiful as ever, also the fact she is singing with the famed Tony Bennet seems to be the greatest tribute to her daughter.

The song is going to be released in advance of Bennett's Duets II album, which is out Sept. 20.