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All You Need To Know Regarding Radioimmunoassay

Most employers and organizations are moving from conducting urine drug tests to saliva testing or hair drug test since these are considered to be more reliable and samples taken from the saliva and hair have longer detection periods that the tests previously used. But how do these new types of drug tests work?

Hair follicles grow when nutrients from the bloodstream reaches the scalp and nourishes the roots of the hair. If the person ingests any hard drugs which stay in the bloodstream for quite a while, a few traces of that drug become entrapped in the core of the hair follicle and these traces can be detected through tests. So if you are a long term user of hard drugs, hair follicle drug tests are bound to turn up positive. Such accuracy is of hair tests, that they can show traces of drugs for up to years as well, but currently these tests provide around three month’s history of drug use and that is the longest time period. Even the hardest drug consumed over a daily basis, stays in the hair shaft.

This procedure of hair follicle testing is known as radioimmunoassay and was launched in the year 1977 and provides not only information regarding what type of drug has been ingested but also determines the quanity and the number of times the drug has been used. So now, no one can lie about using it one or two times or just for recreational purposes. This type of test is usually used by the United States Navy, Army and Air Force when recruiting officers and now is even used by business organizations and corporations and even in schools to test people for the use of hard drugs. All of such precautions are taken in order to make the working environment a safer, healthier place.