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Alabama Will Force Welfare Applicants To Pass Drug Testing

Alabama is aiming to copy the new law of Florida, whereas welfare applicants would have to pass a mandatory drug testing before they could get their benefits.  Something that Arizona and Oklahoma earlier did.

Republican is now working on a law that is as the same as the Florida law, which they are going to submit in February 7, 2012.  Though they are not sure what version of the law is going to be passed, they have high hopes that some will pass.

Rep. Kerry Rich, R-Albertville noted that it is not right for the tax payer to fund somebody else drug habit.

Florida's Republican-led Legislature enacted the law that requires welfare applicants to take mandatory drug test at their own expense.  If they pass, they get refund from the state.  However, the consequence of failing is much greater than it should be since they could be facing child abuse charges.

Sen. Scott Beason, R-Gardendale had presented a similar bill in the Alabama Legislature shortly prior to the ending its spring session on June 9.  The bill was too late, so it did not get through in the session.  Beason claims that he is unsure if he will be the one, who is going to be the sponsor the bill in the 2012 session or whether he will allow someone else to sponsor it; however, he is expecting that it is going to be an issue that will draw a lot of attentions.

Beason is certain that it will happen since he is the chairman of the Senate Rules Committee, the one responsible for recommending which bills the Senate considers each day.

As previously reported, Oklahoman representative Guy Liebmann also proposed drug testing for welfare recipients.