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AHA Calls For Drug Testing Trial Again

The Australian Hotels Association has set eyes on the newest drug statistics and a high number of police convicted of drug possession.  This has led for call to restore a random drug testing among police.

AHA CEO Sally Fielke considers the drug problem had leaked into every level of society with drug statistics escalating out of control, and even senior policemen are not immune from using drugs and marijuana detox remedies.

Fielke renewed the industry calls for indiscriminate tests for those people, who got charged with antisocial behavior and offered to put one hundred thousand dollars towards a  project targeting ‘hot spots’.

Fielke believes that we have now drugs at all levels of society.  People are smoking marijuana during work hours, sports stars seem to take drugs almost every day, and nowadays the people have witnessed three senior police officers who did not pass a drug test following their last action in Sydney.

Up to date, the people have also had to deal with exposures of drug -related bribery at the highest levels with the now recognized Mark Standen case.

She believes that this is the time for society to acknowledge the realistic social problem. It is getting easier for police to blame the clubs and hotels for any rebellious behavior. However, recent statistics from the police tells the real story.  Drug problem is rising, and there is no one that can stop the spread of drugs.

Alcohol has been a problem before, but now well regulated.  Authorities should manage to find a way to do the same thing with drugs. Fielke restored the AHA’s call for drug testing for people, who got charged with offensive behavior.