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ACLU Sues The State Of Florida For Mandatory Drug Testing

Luis Lebron is a 35 year old navy veteran who files a court case against the state of Florida, for requiring him to pass drug testing before he can be qualified to receive the benefit from the government.  American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) that has a mission of defending and preserving the legal rights of every person in the US is the one that is going to be representing Lebron during the court hearing.

The veteran pursuing a career in Accountancy as soon as he graduated from college, so that he could help his mentally-disabled parent and his four-year old son.  Lebron got laid off since 2008 because of the recession that the country is facing during those times.  He found out that is hard to find a job, so he tries to finish his study to land a high-paying job.  After all his veteran benefit now used, he tried to apply for a welfare benefit in an effort to support him and his family.

As he applied for the benefit, he discovered that he has to undergo drug testing like everyone else who would like to get some help from the government.  He said that he has served the country for more than five years, and this is how they are going to treat him for all the time that he had served the country.

Lebron did not undergo the required screening and contacted the ACLU of Florida so that they could help him out in his judicial battle with the state.

Back in May, the republican governor, Rick Scott signed a bill, to require anyone that would want to get some benefit from the government to undergo drug testing first before granting the benefit.