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A Group of Advocates Seeks Legalization Of Marijuana Usage

A group of marijuana advocates is trying to legalize marijuana, not for medical purpose, but for recreational use.  Organizes and supporters hope for the support of the farmers.

Manager of the Campaign to Regulate Marijuana Like Wine 2012, Steve Kubby says farmers from the central could benefit from the legalization of marijuana.

The real goal of the organization is not seek marijuana to be legalized, but the regulation of marijuana usage.

Kubby claims that the state should treat marijuana just like alcohol.

The legalization of the pot weed will not mean that anyone could use it.  Those, who are not in the right age yet, cannot buy a pot weed at their favorite local store. Kubby says their goal is to stop the failing drug policy. Kubby noted that growing marijuana in the California state would help those people who are out of work.

Although, there are farmers who like the idea of growing pot plants on their lands, there are other farmers that would not want anything to do anything with marijuana, even if it got legalized.  They claimed that this is because of moral objection.

If the campaign passes the ballot on 2012, anyone could plant marijuana on their own home. The group got supports from former law enforcement such as former Orange County Judge Jim Gray.

However, it does not mean that every law officials approves the legalization of marijuana usage.  There are some like Glenn County Sheriff Larry Jones and Colusa County Sheriff Scott Marshall that does not like the idea. Tuesday, Jones noted that he despises marijuana.

Jones added that the public got tricked to think that legalized marijuana is the answer to a failed drug policy; the truth is that it is not.  Most of the people who want to legalize marijuana just made up of people who are concerned about passing drug test for weed and like smoking pots, party and make money from marijuana.