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A Drug Testing Center Like No Other

If you are thinking that all the drugs testing centers created equal, then think again.  Ocean Breeze Occupational Solutions, the company that moved from Kemah to Deer Park on the previous month run by JayLynne Touchton and her mother, Vivian Beard, who works as vice president. Other than providing alcohol and drug testing for companies, Ocean Breeze also tenders services such as drug-awareness and anti-bullying programs at schools and nursing homes.

Touchton, had worked in veterinary medicine sales and as a management consultant in the past, got the idea following the adoption of her husband’s ex-wife’s sons, 11 and 13 years.  They also got custody of his two girls, 8 and 9 years, from his ex-wife in 2006.

Touchton claims that their mother was a drug addict and  proven unfit to become a mother for all her children.  One day, she suddenly shows up in her house to ask her to take care of her children for her.

That is the start of her journey in educating children about the dangers of drug addiction.  There was always an interest in kind of safety programs.  However, the alcohol and drug awareness just  came after listening to the kid’s therapy sessions and looking at what they have gone through.

In January 2011, she started Ocean Breeze.  Then she moved the center to the present location at 2106 Center Street in Deer Park this summer.  The foundation set to celebrate its grand opening on Sept. 8.

They have relocated the drug testing center closer to the manufacturing plants, so that it would be easier for them to reach those companies that need their service.