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4 Reasons To Detox From Marijuana

There are a lot of reasons an individual would use marijuana: for some, they smoke weed for medicinal purposes to help alleviate medical issues, then there are those who like to use marijuana for recreational purposes. For all these people, the use of marijuana may become difficult to continue for various reasons, which can result in the need to detox from the THC. There are several different reasons to do this: for most, it’s detrimental to their career, and for others, it is all about wanting to live a healthier life. No matter what your reason to detox from marijuana may be, it’s important to know all of the added benefits you will receive when you do. Here’s a look at four of the top reasons to detox from weed.

  1. Passing a drug test
  2. Tolerance break
  3. Health and wellness
  4. Quit smoking

reasons to detox

1.     Passing a drug test

One of the main reasons people want to detox from marijuana is to pass a drug test. In a lot of jobs, there is a pre-employment drug test before you start working, or it is a scheduled event, because of strict workplace drug policies. For those people, who use marijuana recreationally, this can be an issue, since the use of marijuana is still mostly illegal, unless you have a medical reason to use it. If you find yourself approaching a drug test, it is a good idea to cleanse your system from marijuana to ensure you can pass it.

When you are given a drug test, it determines the level of THC metabolites in your body, and the best way to reduce it is to stop the use of marijuana at least a few days before to ensure you flush all the THC out of your body properly.

Some pople may find themselves wanting to speed up the detox process. In this case, exercising, eating high fiber foods, and drinking lots of water recommended. Also, according to numerous reviews, THC detox drinks are very efficient in helping your system flush out the THC faster.

THC detox works only for urine test. It does not work for hair test, because THC traces cannot be removed from the hair shaft, and for mouth swab test, because it checks for recent drug use, so you won’t have enough time for cleansing the body.

2.     Tolerance break

Another reason you may find yourself in need of a detox from marijuana is to take a tolerance break. For recreational users who use very frequently, they can see themselves building up a high tolerance for the cannabis. This high tolerance results in not feeling the full effects of the marijuana. If this occurs, some consumers take a short-term break from using cannabis, called a “tolerance break” or sometimes a “t-break”, to lower their tolerance, so that when they begin to use the drug again, they will be able to feel the effects full force.

Most users take a tolerance break for a few days up to a few weeks depending on how much and how frequent they use. Using detox methods, such as exercising or drinking a lot of liquids, you speed up the process of THC withdrawal and reduce the period of abstinence required for tolerance break. The faster you cleanse your body, the faster it will lose tolerance to marijuana, what will allow you to start smoking again much sooner.

3.     Health and wellness

The more obvious reason to detox from marijuana is to help improve your health and wellness. There are a lot of benefits of the marijuana use, such as pain relief or anxiety decrease, but some people, who use it recreationally can overdo usage. This is when they find themselves in need of detox to help improve their health and wellness.

Frequent users can experience negative side effects of cannabis use, such as:

  • increased sleepiness
  • severe dry mouth
  • increased appetite
  • slow motor functions
  • distorted perceptions
  • slow verbal skills
  • impaired judgement
  • short-term memory loss

These side effects are enough to make any marijuana user want to detox from THC to avoid any lasting problems.

When you start detox process, you will feel withdrawal symptoms, such as irritability and decreased appetite, especially if you are a frequent user. However, after a week you will begin to see an improvement in your wellness and a reduction of negative marijuana side effects. Detox is highly recommended for heavy marijuana users, to avoid health problems.

4.     Quit smoking

One of the biggest reasons people come to a crossroads with marijuana use is when they have to decide, if they want to continue smoking, or if they want to begin leading a sober life. For many, living a sober life is something they frequently yearn for due to several reasons. Smoking weed may be detrimental to your health, so quitting gives you a new lease on life. Some individuals want to quit and lead a sober life, because they want to start a family or they want to further their education. In extreme cases, some individuals want to quit smoking marijuana and live a sober life, because they are heading down a dangerous path that they don’t want to be permanent.

No matter what the reason for wanting to be abstinent is, detoxing the body from marijuana will help you start a sober life successfully. Our detox products will help you to overcome cannabis dependence much faster. Marijuana detox drinks contain healing herbs, such as basil and turmeric, that will alleviate withdrawal symptoms and rejuvenate the body. If you do not help your body to get rid of THC, it may take many weeks until you stop feeling cravings for weed, but with rapid withdrawal of toxins you may stop your addiction in just few days, what will help you to quit smoking.

We invite you to follow the advice on our site to ensure you detox from marijuana in a proper way. Each individual is different, so be sure you listen to your body and follow what is best for you.