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110 People Got Arrested For Growing Pot Plants

With the combined efforts of both the federal and government officials, they have cracked down more than 460,000 marijuana plants.  Arrested 110 people involved in growing marijuana, in the Northern California’s forests.

Authorities have named the raid as Operation Full Court Press.  The targets of the raid are 56 pot growing sites in Northern California counties.  The marijuana growers were planting pot plants on a 900,000-acre region known as the Emerald Triangle.

California spokespersons say the rapid growth of marijuana farm and the armed gardeners who are protecting the pot plants have caused a general concern for them.   Most of the people, who go there to take a hike, fish and hunt, get intimidated. The authorities confiscated 32 guns and 11 vehicles, throughout the operation.

At a news conference in Utah, last Friday, U.S. attorney for Northern California, Melinda Haag says that people who went to the National Forest were harassed by drug trackers.  As such, the visitors get intimidated by the sight of armed men and illegal marijuana cultivation in the forest.

Not only that the marijuana farmers have farmed marijuana in the national forest, they also dump toxic chemicals and trash.  After the raid, authorities seized 2,171 pounds of fertilizer and 57 pounds of pesticides. Authorities asked the U.S. Forest Service so that they could clean and detox the forest, the combined efforts of both group 23 tons of trash and 22 miles of irrigation pipeline that causes the destruction of the forest and rivers.

In her last statement, Hagg said that those who are thinking that growing marijuana is a peaceful activity is wrong.