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Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is the main psychoactive substance of marijuana. A urine test (or urinalysis) for THC is the most common type of drug test used to find out whether or not a person has recently smoked marijuana. It is used for various purposes, for example, in pre-employment testing, random testing at a workplace, in colleges, drug rehab centers, and prisons. There are two methods of urine testing—immunoassay and gas chromatography—mass spectrometry (GC-MS). The first one is used for initial screening and conducted using cheap drug testing strips covered by chemicals, which react with THC metabolites, while the second one is a more complicated and expensive laboratory analysis used only for confirmation testing in case of a positive initial screening.
According to recent studies, most drug users are employed, and drug use in the workplace costs employers $100 billion each year. It also reported that small companies are more vulnerable to drug use in the workplace but conduct drug tests less often than large ones. Testing for drugs can be done in many ways, e.g., urine, hair, and blood, but the fastest and most convenient method is the mouth swab drug test. It can show current drug use, and regardless of how it is administered, drug metabolites can be detected through oral fluids within 36 to 48 hours from the time of drug consumption.
Drug tests are often a mandatory procedure especially in workplaces.  Consequences of positive drug test can be very devastating to you and to your family. A person who is caught positive in any drug test might be suspended or fired from the job, and less likely to get hired for a job he is applying. But wait. There is an immediate remedy for it. The Stinger detox products are handy, quick-result solutions that can wipe out drug metabolites from your urine and saliva before drug testing. Interested? Read on.
Nowadays, people are more focused to hinge on drugs and drug-abusing population is increasing at a faster rate than ever before. It is pretty much noteworthy to know why drug abusers mostly rely on drugs. It is rather more significant to explore different ways to keep them away from the intake of some very dangerous drugs. To keep drug-abusers away from drugs, we need to first study and point out some ways to detect the level of illegitimate drugs in drug abusers.
While the phenomenon hasn’t caught on across the entire United States, many individual states have begun mandating that citizens undergo urine drug testing before receiving welfare or other forms of governmental assistance. The rationale behind this decision seems reasonable enough—with the availability of public funds in such a constant state of jeopardy, it makes sense that states would want to ensure that money is being used as it should be. However, in reality, these drug tests are actually ineffective and in some cases, discriminatory. There’s no doubt that states should have processes in place that make sure government money is being used wisely, but drug testing is not the answer to this problem.
There have been synthetic urine products on the market for almost as long as there has been employer mandated drug tests. Drug testing, however, has gotten increasingly sophisticated over the years, and the synthetic urine products have had to evolve and adapt along with them.
Greg Norman, a golf pro, has called for the sport to institute more intensively drug testing, using blood tests rather than just urine tests. His statements were a response, in part to an admission by another golf pro, Vijay Singh, who recently admitted that he had utilize an illicit deer antler spray on himself which contained a banner substance, but that it remained undetected and himself unscathed.
Lil Scrappy, a former recording artist more known recently for his role starring in a TV reality show, has been incarcerated for flatly refusing to submit to a drug test ordered by a court. The court ordered the testing after Lil Scrappy was arrested last year for violating the terms of his probation on a drug (marijuana) possession charge he was convicted on approximately five years ago.
An anti-drug group known as the San Tan Valley Substance Abuse Coalition, located in Arizona, recently passed out free drug test kits to numerous residents in the community. This was part of an effort on their behalf to oppose April 20, also known as 420, which some characterized as “National Get High Day,” when many young people smoke marijuana. The effort was carried out with help from notMYkid.org, a nationwide anti-drug non-profit organization that engages in educational anti-drug efforts aimed at increasing awareness by parents of the dangers it says drugs pose to young people.
Random drug tests carried out on high school athletes at a Florence, Arizona high school revealed that there was actually very little drug use by the students there. The tests were imposed on a mandatory basis at the Florence Unified School District for a period of approximately four years. In all that time, although 407 drug tests were administered, a tiny handful of tests, only three to date came back positive for drug use. All other students passed drug test successfully. This means that the high school student athletes there are over 99 percent drug free.