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Marijuana Detox Guide: How To Get THC Out Of Your System

The process of cleansing the body from toxins left after usage of cannabis plant is called marijuana detox. There are few reasons for people to do so: it can be either for passing drug test or to alleviate the suffering of those who quit smoking weed, as well as just for improving overall health and wellness. Getting marijuana out of your system may last from few days to several weeks and can lead to unpleasant physical side effects like headaches, fever, insomnia and mental problems like depression, irascibility and nervousness. In general, marijuana withdrawal symptoms are very similar to those of nicotine ones.

  1. THC
  2. How Long Does THC Stay In The Body?
  3. How To Detox From Marijuana
  4. How To Detox Fast For Drug Test
  5. Common Myths


TetraHydroCannabinol is the most active chemical constituent of cannabis plant, which is responsible for the drugs’ psychological effects. Once ingested, it is carried over the body by the blood and, being metabolized, is stored in the lipid tissues known as fat. The more fat person has, the more THC he or she can store. Eventually, THC and its metabolites are removed from the system with other body wastes in feces, urine, sweat etc.

How Long Does THC Stay In The Body?

No one can accurately say how long THC can be present in human body since time significantly varies depending on a lot of different factors such as person’s weight, age, metabolism, frequency of use and quantity of consumed marijuana etc. On the average, THC can be detected in the urine of a casual user during 2-5 days, 1-2 weeks for usual users and up to one month for heavy users. In the blood marijuana usually stays only 1-2 days, about 24 hours in saliva, up to 4 weeks in sweat, and in hair it can be detected for up to 90 days.

How To Detox From Marijuana

Since we know that marijuana traces are stored in fat and removed from body with feces, urine and other waste products, we can use this to speed up and facilitate the withdrawal process. There are few really efficient and scientifically proven methods to get marijuana out of your system. The most reliable of them are:

  • Drinking Water. Increase of fluid intake naturally accelerates urination thus helping to remove any toxins from the body much faster. To detox from weed, it is recommended to drink daily at least one gallon of pure water during 7 days in equal portions of 3 cups throughout the day. Other liquids such as juices or beverages can also be used but pure water works better.
  • Diuretics. Diuretics usually used in combination with excessive fluid intake. They help urinate more and therefore speed up detoxification.
  • High Fiber Diet. Since most of THC is removed from the body with feces, products that stimulate bowel movement are also useful for marijuana detox. Consume more beans, fruits and vegetables and stay away from foods that are high in fat content. Fatty foods disrupt any detoxing process.
  • Sauna. Sweat is also a way out for marijuana remnants as well as all other toxins, although to a lesser extent than urine and feces. So everything that makes you sweat, for example sauna, will help in achieving the goal.
  • Exercises. This is one of the most effective natural ways to get weed out of your body which also improves physical fitness and health. Intensive workout helps to break down the fat cells and therefore eliminates THC stored in it. Except this, it leads to sweating and excessive drinking which also support body cleansing as we know. The most recommended exercises are rebounding, running, swimming and bicycling.

detox from marijuana

How To Detox Fast For Drug Test

Detoxification from marijuana in order to prepare for drug test is something totally different from cleansing for all other purposes. As long as usual marijuana detox is a long-term goal and takes a lot of time, it is inappropriate for drug test that requires fast cleanse and instant result in the form of clean urine sample. That’s why preparing for drug test means using completely different methods.

For example, exercises are not only useless, but can even have the adverse effect for drug test because they release THC from the body fat into urine, thus increasing the concentration of its metabolites in testing sample. Exercising before drug test actually decreases chances to test negative. High fiber diet and sauna are also ineffective because they take too much time to achieve result.

So, what’s the right way?

The only way to quickly detox from marijuana in order to prepare for urine drug test is flushing toxins out of system.

The first thing you should do in this situation is stop smoking weed as soon as possible to prevent the entrance of new toxins into your body.

The next steps are hydration and urination. Drinking water and diuretics help, but they excessively dilute urine, making it look pale. Diluted urine sample may be rejected by lab staff as unnatural and you will have to send another sample or even fail the test depending on situation. To prevent this, some people use B vitamins and dietary supplements like creatine, which restore natural yellow color and chemical composition of urine. But there are more convenient all-in-one solutions exist.

Specially designed drinks for quick drug test detox contain all necessary components, including vitamins, minerals, herbs etc. Their formulas effectively help in flushing toxins out of your body while saving natural appearance and composition of urine. Taking marijuana detox drinks not only lets you pass drug test within few hours, but also eliminates the need to search and buy separately diuretics, vitamins and various dietary supplements. Moreover, they are so beneficial for health, that a lot of people take them simply for healing and detoxing purposes.

There are also detox kits available, which except drinks include home testing devices to check the level of drugs in urine at home and verify the effectiveness of detoxification process.

Common Myths

There are various substances, which do not have specific cleansing properties, but sometimes recommended for drug test and still believed to eliminate THC from the body. They include various juices like pickle or cranberry juice, vinegar, sports and energy drinks, goldenseal, water purification tablets, lecithin, herbal teas etc. Some of them work just like natural diuretics and therefore require additional supplements to avoid diluted urine. Others may help in terms of overall health and wellness, but weren’t backed by scientific studies and really proven to detox from weed.