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Which Marijuana Detox Drinks Really Work?

Detox drink normally contain vitamins and additives that speed up flushing toxins as well as other harmful substances from your body. You can usually find such drinks in a health food stores and pharmacies. Although THC detox drinks were specially designed to clean the system from marijuana traces, a lot of people still wonder do they really help to detox from weed and pass a drug test.

  1. Do detox drinks work?
  2. How do they work?
  3. Who should use them?
  4. Do they work with other drugs?
  5. Can labs detect marijuana detox drinks?
  6. THC detox drinks that work
  7. How to use

Do detox drinks work?

Yes, marijuana detox drinks do work, but you have to know that the majority of them are aimed at passing urine tests and do not help with hair or saliva tests. If you want to pass the saliva test, you should use detox mouthwash. And for hair test, detox shampoo is a solution. As for detox drinks, they will definitely help pass a urine test, provided that you follow all the instructions and properly manage consumption time.

How do they work?

There are two main ways of passing a drug test. The first one is urine sample substitution, and the second one is dilution. The majority of detox products boost urination, acting as diuretics. With all of them, you should also drink excessive amout of liquids, what is also important factor affecting your urination. The aim is to remove polluted urine from the bladder and substitute it with diluted one, thus decreasing the concentration of THC in urine until it becomes undetectable.

Please note that THC residues accumulate in your bladder over time, so you need to urinate frequently to dilute your urine effectively. To be particular, you have to urinate several times before pissing in a sample cup (this is where diuretics will help), in order to prevent accumulation of toxins in urine until detectable level.

However, there is one more thing. In case of an overdiluted urine, the lab adulteration test will detect this, so you may be reported and will face some unwanted consequences. Marijuana detox drinks help to avoid this because they contain minerals and vitamins able to restore your urine’s normal composition. For example, vitamin B gives your sample natural yellow color, while Creatine Monohydrate restores the level of Creatinine in urine, that labs usually check in case they suspect dilution.

As you can see, diuretics in combination with excessive fluids intake aren’t very helpful, since they cause diluted urine. If you want to pass the drug test, you need a multipurpose solution, that not only flushes out chemicals from your urine but also restores its normal color and composition.

Who should use them?

Marijuana detox drinks are intended primarily for those people who need privacy protection in illegitimate drug tests. We belive that using cannabis plant for treatment and recreation is everyone’s right, and should not cause any kind of discrimination. However, we have to remind that cheating official and lawfully administered drug tests is a felony and you should avoid doing this.

THC detox drinks are also helpful in case you want to stop smoking weed and relieve the withdrawal symptoms or simply decided to get rid of toxins in order to improve overall health and wellness.

Do they work with other drugs?

Yes, these drinks are effective not only for weed detox, but for other drugs as well, if we speak about urine testing. However, you should take into account that the effect can vary depending on the drug. For instance, fat-soluble substances are metabolized slower, so it will take more time to clean urine from them.

Can labs detect marijuana detox drinks?

No, drug detox drinks cannot be detected. They do not leave any traces in urine, like usual drinks. In fact, laboratories don’t even check samples for the presence of detox drinks, they are not interested in this. They can only detect the dilution of the sample, however this will never happen, in case you follow all the instructions carefully.

THC detox drinks that work

Herbal Clean QCarbo Plus

Herbal Clean QCarbo Plus

This is a very popular detox drink by Herbal Clean, which comes in combination with Super Boost pills intended to make the detox process faster. Due to this feature, the QCarbo Plus works even for chronic cannabis users.

Fast THC Detox Kit

Fast THC Detox Kit

This bestseller kit includes the Herbal Clean’s QCarbo Detox Drink and the QClean Chewable Detox Supplement to make the cleansing process even more powerful. After using them, you can check their effect using the included single panel THC urine test.

How to use

Marijuana detox drinks help to get THC out of your system and pass urine drug test. However, you should take into account that you have to follow all the instructions properly and manage time very carefully because these products work effectively only during a few hours. After that period, they leave the body and their effectiveness decreases significantly. Marijuana detox drinks are usually on the peak of their power within 2-5 hours from the time of consumption, what means that you have to begin your cleansing process about 2 hours before the test.

The product instruction should be read and followed closely. The essential part of the detox process is drinking plenty of liquids and urinating as much as possible. This is important because you need to get rid of urine with THC traces and replace it with the clean one. The detox drinks contain minerals and vitamins intended to restore the natural composition and appearance of your urine.

Make sure you do not smoke weed at least a couple of days before undergoing a drug test. You should also avoid all other toxins, which may lead to a false-positive result.

Use home urine test before going to the tesing facility to verify that your THC level does not exceed the normal one.

Unless you require quick weed detox, you may choose a complex program, like 7 Day Premium Detox Program, which enables you to get rid of all toxins within a week. In addition, it will positively impact your general health and wellbeing.